Yogurt Covered Strawberries Recipe

Yet another summer goodie! This tasty treat is both refreshing and nutritious. In our eyes, a great alternative for chocolate covered strawberries and one that the whole family can enjoy.

With very few ingredients, you can put together this delicious recipe. Serve as dessert or even for breakfast! 



  • 1 lb. Strawberries
  • 2 jars of La Fermière Plain yogurt 
  • Brown sugar (optional)




(1) Pour yogurt into a medium bowl.

(2) Dip the strawberries into the yogurt, place on a baking sheet to set and freeze for one hour. 

(3) Remove strawberries from the freezer and re-dip each into the yogurt.

(4) (Sprinkle brown sugar if desired) and place them back into the freezer for another hour or two until ready to serve. Bon Appétit! 


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