Macrame Candle Holder DIY

The warmer days are here and it's time to refresh your living space with some airy warm decor. Luckily, if you have empty La Fermière yogurt pots stored around the house, the task will be much easier for you. Follow the steps outlined below to transform your empty pots into the perfect way to display small candles this season. Grab your tools and let's get started!


Step 1: Gather Your Tools.

To recreate this DIY, you will need:

  • 2 empty La Fermière glass pots
  • 0.1 in/ 3mm wide macrame cotton cord
  • White sand
  • 2 tea-light candles
  • Scissors
  • A hot glue gun

Step 2: Measure The Macrame.


First, cut a piece of the macrame cord; long enough to wrap around the bottom of the pot 7 times. You do not need a measuring tape, simply wrap the cord around the pot and cut. Use the pictures as guidance.

Cut a second piece, long enough to wrap around the top of the pot 3 times. 

Cut 2 long pieces equal in length, each piece should be twice as long as how long you want the pots to hang.


Step 3: Wrap And Glue. 

Once you have cut all your pieces of macrame, it's time to wrap. Starting with the piece you cut for the bottom of the pot, glue one end. Wrap and then glue the other end.

Repeat these steps for the top of the pot. There should be an uncovered area of the pot between the top and the bottom so you can see the candle light.

Align your two left over pieces of macrame and then fold them in half to find the center of the pieces (In order words, gather all 4 loose ends). Once you find the center, form a cross and glue to secure. *Shown in picture above*

Add glue at the bottom-center of the pot and using your hot glue gun, attach the cross you just formed.


Step 4: Tie and Assemble.

Gather the four pieces of macrame that are left hanging, and tie a knot to bond them together. If the pieces are uneven, cut the excess. You want to make sure that all pieces are equal in length once tied, to avoid the pots from tilting. 

Add the white sand to the pot, just enough to fill up to the first mark of the cord. Then, place a tea-light candle in the center.  


Step 5: Hang.

You can now hang your completed candle holders anywhere around your home! 

For your safety, we recommend not hanging too close to fabrics such as curtains to prevent fires. 

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