5 Ways To Reuse La Fermière Pots

Eating the last spoonful of yogurt does not have to be the end of your La Fermière pots. Although our glass pots are recyclable and our terracotta pots biodegradable, we know sometimes it can be a hard decision to get rid of them by tossing them in the bin. The good news is; there are many different ways you can up-cycle/reuse your pots. Here are 5 creative ways you can transform them.


1. Turn Your Pots Into Vases



                                                                                                                                      Photo by @plant_parenthood_ig


One of our favorite ways to repurpose our pots is turning them into adorable little vases. Whether you chose to leave them as they are, or adorn them with different colors and designs, our pots are perfect to house flowers, succulents, and any other type of small plant. Outdoor or indoor they will bring life to your space. Our empty yogurt pots also make for the perfect seed starter pot. For a sustainable approach to planting, use your empty pots to plant seeds.

Tip: When replanting small plants into the pots, we recommend adding small rocks at the bottom prior to adding the soil; for proper water drainage. 


2. Use Them For Candles




For all candle lovers, you can add warmth and coziness to your home by transforming your pots into candles. You can make the candle from scratch by adding melted wax, scents and a wick, or you can use them as simple candle holders as shown above.


3. Keep Them For Storage




The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can use your empty La Fermière pots for storage. Use them in your bathroom to organize your cosmetics, use them in the kitchen to store spoons and forks, on your desk to store small items, or use them to hold your jewelry. 


4. Baking




Did you know our terracotta and glass pots can be safely used in the oven for baking? For a recipe you can try, checkout out our most recent cornbread recipe. Our pots can withstand temperatures of 0°F to 480°F.


5. Use As Glassware




Use your empty pots to serve your favorite drinks! Whether it be during the winter or summer, La Fermière pots are great for all types of hot drinks, cocktails and refreshment.  Our pots are microwaveable and dishwasher safe, you can safely make tea or hot chocolate in  them! 


Allow your creativity to flow and make the most out of your pots, there are endless possibilities! 

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